The Fangiano Farm represents a new reality in the Calabrian agricultural panorama, which however rests its foundations in the centuries-old tradition of the Ventura family. The property covers about 50 ha located mainly in the hills, within the territory of Nocera Terinese; in addition to a small flat olive grove of about 5 hectares falling in the municipality of Gizzeria, within the PDO Lametia area. The core business of the company is represented by the production of extra virgin olive oil and table olives from the cultivation of 25 hectares of olive groves. The company, in view of a multifunctional and innovative agriculture, has recently undertaken the production of wood chips (biomass) for energy use, thanks to the use of the company woods and the waste of olive tree pruning; and to plants with rapidly growing trees. The rest of the fund is used for the production of aromatic essences, vegetables and citrus, while 2 ha were recently voted for an “experimental” cultivation of Avocado, planted in 2006. From the summer 2010 the Fangiano Farm Company proposes new activities open to the public in the new refurbished space in Pietra di Grotta di Nocera Terinese: – Farmhouse: Restaurant and Farm Shop – Educational Farm and Visits to the Ventura Mill.


Experimentation project for extraction / recovery of bioactive substances from vegetation waters (AV) and oil

It is an experimental project active since 2013 with the construction of a 50 l / h pilot plant of a 1000 l / h production plant, thanks to the competent participation of Techfem SpA engineering company, specialized in wastewater treatment and with the scientific collaboration of three Italian universities.

The project deals with the recovery of noble compounds (polyphenols and antioxidants) from the waste water of olive oil vegetation, with a minimal environmental impact and with the complete closure of the oil production chain.

The treatment of waste water from olive trees leads to indisputable benefits for the environment, obtaining clean water and noble products such as polyphenols (natural antioxidants) and eliminating impurities harmful to the environment.

The aim of this project is to make available to the producers of nutraceutical and cosmetic foodstuffs natural substances of recognized functionality for health and anti-aging wellbeing.


renewable energies

Since the company’s inception we have always tried to enhance the waste products of agricultural processing, and renewable energy sources that were either wasted or underused.

Starting from the oil supply chain we are therefore dedicated to the exploitation of wood waste, which are normally burned in the field or shredded, producing chips for energy use, while from the processing of olives we separate the nocciolino from virgin sansa (used in the field as soil improver); through the installation of two wood chip boilers (and one with an emergency pavement), we are therefore able to provide the energy needs of the company buildings both for heating and sanitary water with two 100 kw wood chip district heating systems already in operation use of the oil mill, the apartments, the agritourist pool, the restaurant and the rooms. Soon a new boiler of the same size will be installed to serve offices and new company laboratories.

The company also has 3 photovoltaic systems of 3, 16 and 65 kw NOT INSTALLED ON THE GROUND, but INTEGRATED IN THE ROOFS of the farm buildings able to meet our energy consumption.