The small rural village of Calabrialcubo, composed of the restaurant, the Ecomuseum, 4 rooms and a big room for 150 people, by the river Grande, comes from a great work of restoration of the village that housed the oil mill and cereal mill of the Ventura family in the past. 

The mill building includes several completely renovated and functioning machinery inside:

a pair of water millstones for the shredding of the grains, which had to be then manually separated from the bran (seed carioside). This water mill dates back to around 1500.  
A complete processing line, Baldeschi & Sandreani, with machinery for cleaning, shredding and separation / screening of flour dating back to the forties of the twentieth century and powered by electric motors, which was used until the seventies by the inhabitants of the village for production of wheat flour, corn and chestnuts. 

The history of this place is therefore linked to the history of the entire population of Nocera Terinese, when bread was only made at home with the wheat grown by the family and then turned into flour at the mill.

For this reason, due to its historical and cultural value, the mill is an Ecomuseum of all the rural culture of Nocera Terinese.

You can visit the ecomuseum for free.
For guided tours of groups and schools write to: or call the number. 345.8924367



We are an educational farm regularly enrolled in the “Albo” and with professional and qualified staff. Since 2010 we welcome schools from all Calabria, with great satisfaction. Our mission is to facilitate the knowledge and discovery of the nearest surroundings.

The final aims are ecological and environmental education, the education of the senses and emotions, food and consumer education, education in historical / artistic values and sensitization in beauty.

We propose many laboratories in order to achieve them with specific educational objectives, and based on the company’s activities:

  • Extra virgin olive oil laboratory
  • Cereal supply chain laboratory (with visit to the mill)
  • Laboratory of aromatic herbs
  • Educational garden
  • Small chef’s workshop
  • Textile laboratory
  • Recycling laboratory
  • Energy laboratory
  • Itinerant educational farm for children aged 8 and up: along the trekking path “ecological walk of the 5 mills” we offer workshops on the field and picnic lunch.

These laboratories have a didactic-experiential approach and they adapt perfectly to the age of the participants. We mainly address primary school but also nursery and middle school.

It is possible to make full-day visits including lunch, or half-day, with or without lunch.

Our educational complex includes:

  • a Baldeschi & Sandreani electric mill of the 30s / 40s and a renovated and functioning water mill
  • classroom
  • canteen room
  • outdoor areas with botanical path, educational garden, lawn …

We welcome groups of up to 40 students. The educational farm activities take place mainly from May to June.

With great love of all the collaborators of the Didactic Farm we commit ourselves so that our little guests will bring, at the end of the day, the experience of a conscious experience and the memory of sensations, that only the direct contact with nature can give, at these stages of life.

Possibility of laboratories (or parts of laboratories) in Spanish or English CLIL, in collaboration with second language teachers.

During the day we integrate small mindfulness pills for children(the responsible teacher is certified yoga teacher)

Please contact us to receive a personalized quote.

Didactics responsible Asuncion Yanutolo Fernandez 340.7749873 – e-mail:




We practice Yoga at our farmhouse. In collaboration with the cultural association “Aire” certified by the “Escuela Internacional de Yoga” in Madrid for teaching Yoga, we offer weekly courses from autumn to spring, we create events and retreats, mini-retreats, also we offer our guests the possibility to attend yoga lessons during their stay.

If you are a Yoga teacher and you want to organize a retreat here with your group, get in touch with us and we will help you to plan it, our structure is perfect for your purpose.

We offer lessons of classic Hatha Yoga, dynamic yoga and mindfulness exercises, which are suitable for the participants, with the use of supports where necessary. Our vision of yoga is evolutionary, starting from tradition and with a sense of openness, adaptability and creativity.

The yoga room is in Fangiano and is the perfect place to give yourself the chance to relax from the stress of our days. All this in an ideal setting, immersed in nature, with the landscape of the sky, land and sea, with sunsets over the Tyrrhenian Sea or under the Pietra della Magara in Calabrialcubo in the green meadow next to the waterfall.



The craft brewery ‘A Magara was born in 2013, from our collaboration with Eraldo Corti and from the common passion for beer and gastronomy in general.

The brewery production plant is located inside the farm, and consists of a “6 hl” two-vats “cotta” and six 1,500-l fermenters.

All stages of production, from the grinding of cereals, to bottling and labeling take place inside the brewery.

The name ‘A Magara derives from the nocerese dialect and means “the witch”, it recalls an ancient local legend according to which it is said that the Magara, dedicated to the darkest magical arts, lived in the great cliff that bears her name “‘ a petra da Magara “(today in the garden of our farm).

The brewery produces 21 different labels of beer. Two of these, Trupija and Jumara Luppolo Fresco are produced with raw materials coming directly from the Azienda Agricola Fangiano: the first with our oranges, the second with the hops grown once a year, less than 1 km from the brewery.

In our restaurant you can taste, also during your meal, and buy all the labels. Tasting in the pool area too.

It is also possible for our guests to make a guided tour of the production site.

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