Dear guests,

please read the following regulations carefully. We trust your common sense to respect all the rules, by confirming the reservation, guests also accept all our rules, including privacy policy and cancellation policy.





Please read carefully the booking rules shown in this section. Each booking, after its confirmation, has the value of a contract in accordance with current Italian legislation. The contract is binding for those making the booking and for all other persons mentioned in the same, minors included.


You can make an online reservation by following the instructions available on our website

Alternatively, you can send an availability request by e-mail to and wait for our response.

Following your request, we will send you an offer that has no binding value and instructions for a possible booking. The reservation is considered confirmed as a result of our written communication showing the overnight stay and the total price.

In case of incorrect communication of the number of people, including children, we reserve the right to cancel the reservation or to charge the relative fee, subject to availability of the accommodation.

It is required to pay a deposit at the time of booking on the site, the amount will be calculated automatically based on the number of nights booked. If this payment is not made, the reservation is to be considered void.

For those who decide to pay the amount of the entire stay at the time of booking, will receive a welcome gift (company product/s).

The reservation is confirmed only upon receipt of the e-mail address provided by you, the payment of the deposit or the amount of the entire stay.

Booking confirmation implies acceptance of our cancellation and deposit terms.
Upon your arrival at our structure it is mandatory to give us an identity document for each guest, including children.

If the booking is moved to another period for which the price is higher than the amount paid, the customer has to pay the difference.

Payment methods accepted

We accept the following payment methods: bank transfer or credit card

The balance of the reservation, if not made at the time of booking, must be paid before departure, along with any extras occurred during the stay.

For payments by bank transfer, write to

In bank transfer data, please write the following data:

CAUSAL: BOOKING CODE (number automatically released during booking) – CALABRIALCUBO accommodation booking

Copy of the accountant of the bank transfer must be sent to the following e-mail address:

Living room extension:

The extension of the stay requires an additional reservation, and is subject to availability and rate changes.

Cancellation Policy

Each booking cancellation must be communicated in writing, below the details for the low, medium and high season periods.

The deposit is returned only if the cancellation of the booking is communicated one month before the start date of stay.

In the case of a single night booking, the deposit is entirely withheld.

LOW AND MEDIUM SEASON: up to 48 hours before the date of arrival, it is possible to change the dates of the accommodation, subject to our availability of accommodation, keeping the deposit already paid.

HIGH SEASON: up to 15 days before the date of arrival, it is possible to change the dates of the accommodation, subject to our availability of accommodation, keeping the deposit already paid.

INTERRUPTION OF THE STAY: if the guest decides to voluntarily interrupt his stay in advance, he is required to pay the entire booked stay.

Causes of force majeure

The management declines all responsibility for disservices due to lack of supplies, fortuitous failures to the equipment or other causes of force majeure. We accept no responsibility for damage caused by other guests, atmospheric events, natural disasters, illnesses and thefts.

Damage caused during the stay

Any damage caused to the structure and its furnishings will be charged.

Pets are allowed according to the conditions of our internal regulations.

For any information please contact us at the following e-mail address:


  • Check-in is allowed starting from 12:00.
  • Check-out is allowed before 11:00.
  • For different needs, ask in advance the possibility of other times.
  • Breakfast is served from 8:00 to 10:00 in both business centers and it is necessary to communicate a preferred time.
  • Daily cleaning is done until 11:00. The room or the apartment must be left free to allow the service.
  • It is strictly forbidden to smoke in all the closed areas, in the open areas, please use the ashtrays.
  • Access to people who do not stay with us is not allowed.



  • At our facility pets are allowed, prior notice at the time of booking, provided they are in compliance with the vaccinations and provided with a health passport;
  • The management reserves at any time the right to request the exhibition of the health passport of pets;
  • in case of non-communication of the presence of an animal, we reserve the right to cancel the booking or apply a surcharge on the fee;
  • the cost for the stay of your pet is € 20 per night;
  • in the common areas the animals must be brought on a leash or in a cage;
  • in each room a maximum of one animal is allowed;
  • it is absolutely forbidden to pick up your pet on tables, chairs, beds and armchairs, leave food open;
  • it is forbidden to leave their animals unattended in the rooms;
  • It is not allowed to enter your pets throughout the pool area, you can keep them tied with a leash in the surrounding garden.
  • please always have the vaccinations booklet and the insurance policy at your disposal;
  • the owners of the animals are responsible for all the damages that they can cause to the structure during their stay.



HOURS: 10:00 – 19:00

Price reserved for B & B dei Vicoli guests € 5 per person / per day.

The swimming pool is located at the Fangiano Farm

DEPTH 1.40m – DIMENSIONS 11 * 5.5m

  • Parents must look after their children. This pool does not have a lifeguard by law. Children under 14 can not access the pool area by themselves.
  • The introduction of any food in the entire pool area is forbidden.
  • It is mandatory to use the shower before entering the water, even in the whirlpool.
  • Each adult guest is entitled to use a cot or a deck chair.
  • Children playing in the lawn must always be supervised by their parents.
  • It is forbidden to use soap both in outdoor showers and inside the pool area.
  • A first aid box is available to all bathers.
  • It is forbidden to use the bathroom towels in your accommodation in the pool area. Pool towels are available for our guests upon payment of a deposit of € 5.
  • Please leave the bathroom in the conditions in which we would like to find it.
  • Small children must use a nappy for the pool.
  • If they introduce mats or donuts they must be cleaned.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to dive and make games that disturb other bathers.
  • Please do not raise your voice to ensure the relaxation of other guests.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to step on the hot tub.
  • The property assumes no responsibility for personal items left unattended.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to smoke in the water or with the swimming pool closed. Outside the pool area use the ashtray.
  • Bathing in the presence of bad weather conditions is forbidden.
  • The hot tub has a maximum capacity of 6 people. Entry into the pool for children under the age of 12 is prohibited. For the activation of the tank functions, please ask the company staff.
  • Dogs can not access throughout the pool area, you can keep them leashed in the surrounding garden.
  • The pool area can not be accessed during cleaning and maintenance of the pool.

If the non-observance of the aforementioned rules and recommendations will be causes of accidents, the Fangiano farm declines all responsibility. Any damage caused to the entire pool area must be reimbursed at the discretion of the management.

For any need or information, you can contact +39 3292733721 or +39 3407749873, or write an e-mail to:


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